NuFi wallet integrates Flow blockchain, enters the ecosystem with ambitious plans

4 min readMay 10, 2022

Starting May 10th, Flow token holders can use NuFi’s non-custodial Ledger-compatible wallet to store and stake $FLOW. This is the first step in a 3-phase plan that will make NuFi the only wallet to offer flexible $FLOW staking, a Flow NFT gallery and dApp connector, and — for the first time ever — secure storage for Flow NFTs using a Ledger hardware wallet.

NuFi is proud to announce it has integrated Flow as part of its mission of becoming the top non-custodial wallet for leading Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. They have been investing big in the NFTs and metaverse space and, for this reason, they have closed some important partnership deals with the likes of NBA, NFL, La Liga, Dr. Seuss, and UFC to name just a few.

NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike: two of Flow’s flagship NFT initiatives

How is NuFi changing the Flow ecosystem?

NuFi is entering the Flow ecosystem with a 3-phase plan to marry non-custodial security, privacy and control, with convenience and functionality:

Phase 1 (Complete):

  • Send and receive $FLOW, $USDC, and $FUSD (with up to 5 unique accounts)
  • Stake $FLOW in-app with Ledger hardware wallet or non-hardware accounts
  • Store and stake securely using a Ledger hardware wallet or non-hardware accounts
  • Exchange $FLOW and other cryptocurrencies directly from our user interface through our partnership with Changelly
  • NFT gallery to visually manage and securely store NFTs on Flow blockchain

Phase 2:

  • Chrome extension with dApp connector to be able to connect to Flow dApps (MetaMask for Flow)

Phase 3:

  • Ledger support for Flow NFTs; in partnership with Flow and Ledger, NuFi will develop Ledger hardware wallet support for Flow NFTs. For the first time ever, collectors of Flow NFTs will be able to store their collectibles in a hardware wallet, meaning — at last — there will be a wallet for security-minded investors who want to store and stake $FLOW tokens, use dApps AND manage NFTs with the security that only a hardware wallet can provide.

More about Flow

It’s no surprise that big-name projects have chosen to launch NFT initiatives on Flow; with its potential for unrivaled scalability, near-instant and low-cost transactions, and upgradeable smart contracts, the Flow blockchain is well-positioned to become the backbone of digital and in-game economies.

Every aspect of the platform was designed from the ground up to support exceptional user experience at a mainstream scale. To improve the efficiency of the throughput of the network, and achieve scalability and subsequent low transaction fees, Flow uses a multi-node architecture, with each node specialized in doing a specific task.

To support this integration, Flow has awarded a grant to NuFi that will be used not only to contribute to the Flow ecosystem but also to add Flow NFTs support to the Ledger Firmware.

When asked what she thinks about NuFi, Layne LaFrance, Flow Product Lead, said:

Helping people to manage their FLOW and visualize their NFTs will make NuFi a one stop shop for those using Flow. Visualizing NFTs in wallets is especially impactful to the ecosystem.

NuFi’s CEO, Michal Petro, added:

Integrating Flow is the perfect choice for NuFi. Flow’s great potential as a blockchain and its unprecedented growth in the NFTs space can help NuFi to further establish itself as the best and most complete non-custodial multi-chain wallet on the market. NuFi’s experience as a staking validator, its NFT gallery, and the upcoming Dapp connector can provide a significant contribution to the Flow ecosystem and its community.

NuFi is not simply a multichain wallet — we are a community!
That is why this grant is another step in building our community. We choose our partners strategically, as Flow has a vibrant community with whom we find a synergy.

Big-name partnerships and low-cost NFT minting have ignited a boom in NFT sales and dApps. (Image: Moonpay)




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