NuFi wallet integrates Flow blockchain, enters the ecosystem with ambitious plans

NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike: two of Flow’s flagship NFT initiatives

How is NuFi changing the Flow ecosystem?

NuFi is entering the Flow ecosystem with a 3-phase plan to marry non-custodial security, privacy and control, with convenience and functionality:

  • Send and receive $FLOW, $USDC, and $FUSD (with up to 5 unique accounts)
  • Stake $FLOW in-app with Ledger hardware wallet or non-hardware accounts
  • Store and stake securely using a Ledger hardware wallet or non-hardware accounts
  • Exchange $FLOW and other cryptocurrencies directly from our user interface through our partnership with Changelly
  • NFT gallery to visually manage and securely store NFTs on Flow blockchain
  • Chrome extension with dApp connector to be able to connect to Flow dApps (MetaMask for Flow)
  • Ledger support for Flow NFTs; in partnership with Flow and Ledger, NuFi will develop Ledger hardware wallet support for Flow NFTs. For the first time ever, collectors of Flow NFTs will be able to store their collectibles in a hardware wallet, meaning — at last — there will be a wallet for security-minded investors who want to store and stake $FLOW tokens, use dApps AND manage NFTs with the security that only a hardware wallet can provide.

More about Flow

It’s no surprise that big-name projects have chosen to launch NFT initiatives on Flow; with its potential for unrivaled scalability, near-instant and low-cost transactions, and upgradeable smart contracts, the Flow blockchain is well-positioned to become the backbone of digital and in-game economies.

Big-name partnerships and low-cost NFT minting have ignited a boom in NFT sales and dApps. (Image: Moonpay)



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NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet


A self-custody crypto wallet supporting Cardano, Solana and Flow blockchains. Store, stake, trade and connect to dApps like NFT marketplaces, DEXes and more.