NuFi wallet integrates Flow blockchain, enters the ecosystem with ambitious plans

NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike: two of Flow’s flagship NFT initiatives

How is NuFi changing the Flow ecosystem?

More about Flow

Helping people to manage their FLOW and visualize their NFTs will make NuFi a one stop shop for those using Flow. Visualizing NFTs in wallets is especially impactful to the ecosystem.

Integrating Flow is the perfect choice for NuFi. Flow’s great potential as a blockchain and its unprecedented growth in the NFTs space can help NuFi to further establish itself as the best and most complete non-custodial multi-chain wallet on the market. NuFi’s experience as a staking validator, its NFT gallery, and the upcoming Dapp connector can provide a significant contribution to the Flow ecosystem and its community.

Big-name partnerships and low-cost NFT minting have ignited a boom in NFT sales and dApps. (Image: Moonpay)



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