NuFi unveils a NFT Gallery

NuFi gallery allows you to store, manage and keep all your NFTs organized!

Whether you own apes, degens, creatures, or starships, NuFi Gallery has you covered. Only NuFi can provide a single repository to display and manage all of your NFTs. Just like the tokens in your wallet, the NFT Gallery will allow you to hold, send, and receive your NFTs. The dazzling display allows you to show them off to your friends. Of course the most important feature of all, you still control everything.

Goat Tribe NFTs in the NuFi NFT Gallery
Hosky NFTs in the NuFi NFT Gallery

What is an NFT?

NFT — a “Non-Fungible Token” — is a digital asset that resides on a blockchain and represents ownership of a “physical” or virtual, metaverse asset. These real-world assets include a variety of objects from art to videos and everything in between. NFTs are used to confirm ownership of these tangible assets, and are widely used in new play-to-earn blockchain-based games. Each blockchain ecosystem has their own, exclusive set of NFTs. In general, an NFT created on one blockchain can’t be transferred to another blockchain.

Solana Ecosystem example — Star Atlas: VZUS Ambwe Ship

What’s so special about them?

NFTs are typically a one-of-a-kind item. Some may be a limited run or a series with randomly generated, distinguishing differences like the Degenerate Ape Academy series, where no two are alike. Others are inspired by the digital culture we live in. Do you remember the meme of the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” or “Side-eyeing Chloe Clem”? With NFTs you can own a piece of pop culture — video, artwork, photograph, even a music clip. NuFi is making it possible for you to manage all of your NFT treasures in one platform, and display them in an intuitive visual gallery. As we begin to support more blockchains, you will be able to manage the NFTs minted on those chains with the NuFi Wallet Gallery feature.

Solana Ecosystem: Degen Ape #1373

NFT Marketplace coming soon to NuFi!

We are excited about the integration of a Cardano NFT Marketplace in the NuFi wallet. You will be able to purchase NFTs directly in an easy to use interface. Watch this space!

Connect with Us at NuFi!

Alongside new blockchains and new services, we expect rapid community growth as NuFi unites crypto holders from different ecosystems. Our Discord server is where these diverse interests meet, and a great place to discuss, socialize, learn, get help and give feedback. We will announce new features (plus competitions, questions to users and more) on Twitter and Reddit.

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