NuFi partners with Changelly: a seamless cross-chain crypto trading experience without leaving your wallet!

4 min readMar 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce a new service in collaboration with Changelly: seamless cryptocurrency exchanges/swaps within your wallet!

NuFi partners with Changelly

NuFi users do not need to send their crypto to a custodial exchange such as Binance to execute crypto swaps, eradicating long waits while an exchange approves your withdrawal or deposit.

Now you can enjoy a cross-chain exchange experience with all major cryptocurrencies without the extra fees or fuss, all inside your NuFi wallet. Unlike on a custodial exchange (one that keeps your cryptocurrency on the exchange itself), trading in your NuFi wallet means no withdrawal fees, which, in some cases, can add tens of dollars to the cost of your transaction.

Many crypto enthusiasts are uncomfortable using a custodial exchange because it does not give you control of your keys or true ownership of your assets; what’s more, on a centralized exchange, access to your account can be revoked at any time if you do not comply with the exchange’s rules and regulations.

If you want to trade directly from your wallet and retain full ownership of your crypto, NuFi’s in-app exchange is the fastest, simplest and most secure option. You can securely exchange one cryptocurrency for another, minimizing the time during which your funds are not under your control. On top of that, users have the peace of mind of being able to pair their Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets to control their cryptocurrency.

Our partnership with Changelly provides functionality to search various other exchanges in order to find the best price at any given time.

Changelly is an intuitive platform for fast crypto exchanges, trusted by over 2 Million users per month.
You can buy and exchange BTC, ETH, and 400+ altcoins on-the-go at NuFi.
Additionally, crypto enthusiasts generally like to use stablecoin pairs to exchange into, and they may want to exchange and hold a stablecoin whilst there is volatility or downside in the market — this too is possible with NuFi’s Changelly integration

NuFi’s in-app exchange allows you to swap crypto instantly, in a fast, simple and secure way. First choose the cryptocurrency pair you want to swap; Changelly then searches various other exchanges and liquidity providers to find the best price at any given time. Next, check the exchange rate and enter the wallet address (or choose your NuFi account) where you want the crypto to be deposited. Once you have confirmed your transaction, you can receive your crypto in as little as five minutes*.. It’s as simple as that!

*Please note that the duration of the trade is affected by the block confirmation speed of the blockchains on which the transactions are executed. In case of blockchain congestion, it may take longer.

Easy crypto swaps within the NuFi crypto wallet

NuFi’s in-app trading service is:

Easy to use
Straight forward steps to ensure easy crypto swaps, all built into the NuFi wallet user interface.

The transaction speed can be as fast as 5 minutes and on average is around 20 minutes. This ensures you get the best out of the crypto market.*
*Please note that time depends on the specific network and the current performances.

Coins are sent directly to your wallet after the exchange. The time of exposure of assets towards the exchange partner is minimal as the exchange transaction is processed immediately when the funds are received by Changelly.

Low cost
There are no fees for account maintenance or withdrawals.
There are only exchange transaction fees and users have two options:

  • Floating rate: A floating exchange rate may change while your transaction is being processed. You’ll pay a 0.75% fee, and the rate is usually better than the fixed rate. However, if the price changes dramatically before the sale is finalized, your rate will be different.
  • Fixed rate: You’ll know exactly what it is going to cost and you do not need to pay the transaction fee. However, the fixed exchange rate is usually worse than the floating one.

Changelly and NuFi both have strong communities and we believe that adding this service to the wallet will bring synergies where both will benefit from this integration — try the new service in the NuFi Wallet! Explore HERE

Fast and low cost crypto exchange feature

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