NuFi partners with Changelly: a seamless cross-chain crypto trading experience without leaving your wallet!

NuFi partners with Changelly
Easy crypto swaps within the NuFi crypto wallet
  • Floating rate: A floating exchange rate may change while your transaction is being processed. You’ll pay a 0.75% fee, and the rate is usually better than the fixed rate. However, if the price changes dramatically before the sale is finalized, your rate will be different.
  • Fixed rate: You’ll know exactly what it is going to cost and you do not need to pay the transaction fee. However, the fixed exchange rate is usually worse than the floating one.
Fast and low cost crypto exchange feature

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NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet


A self-custody crypto wallet supporting Cardano, Solana and Flow blockchains. Store, stake, trade and connect to dApps like NFT marketplaces, DEXes and more.