NuFi: How to Protect Your Digital Assets and Secure your Funds

NuFi Security

Mnemonic/Seed Phrase Safety


Social Media Scams

Receiving Direct Messages (DMs)

Public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi at all costs, especially on devices that you carry out any crypto-related activity on. It is also recommended to disable Near Field Connection and Bluetooth on any devices when out in public.

Malicious Websites

Ensure you are using


Where possible, store your crypto on non-custodial (preferentially hardware) wallets, as opposed to exchanges.

How NuFi keeps you safe

NuFi provides a non-custodial wallet with Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) integration. Flow blockchain (FLOW) will follow in early 2022 and more blockchains will come soon after. NuFi continues to build a multi-chain, multi-account wealth management platform with hardware wallet support (Ledger, Trezor).

Connect with Us

The coming year will be exciting!

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NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

A self-custody crypto wallet supporting Cardano, Solana and Flow blockchains. Store, stake, trade and connect to dApps like NFT marketplaces, DEXes and more.