NuFi: Crypto staking made easy

Finally, a non-custodial wallet that makes staking secure and easy. Buy, hold, send, stake and trade proof of stake cryptocurrencies with full privacy on a single platform, secured by a hardware wallet.

When the team behind AdaLite (Cardano’s first light wallet and most popular staking platform) asked their users what was missing in their everyday crypto life, the answer was obvious: a user-friendly wallet that enables staking across multiple blockchains from one simple interface.

Users wanting to stake multiple PoS (proof of stake) cryptocurrencies need to cut through the complexity of a fragmented ecosystem. They need multiple wallets and various tools to manage their diversified PoS crypto portfolio in a secure environment. The AdaLite team recognised the opportunity to simplify the process by building NuFi (New Finance): a non-custodial crypto wealth management platform for a new financial future. Non-custodial means that users truly own and control their digital assets and they alone can access their accounts. Private keys are not entrusted to a custodian (such as an exchange).

Today, NuFi takes a giant step towards achieving its goal by launching with Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) integration. Flow blockchain (FLOW) will follow in early 2022 and more will come soon after. NuFi will feature multi-account capabilities and hardware wallet support (Ledger, Trezor).

In parallel to the integration of new blockchains, we are integrating multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges for in-app token swaps. Also, the native token support for all particular blockchains will be enhanced with a visual NFT gallery interface and crypto purchases (via credit card or bank transfer) will be enabled soon through our partners.

NuFi is now live!

Discover NuFi

NuFi will continually evolve to stay ahead of the curve in the constantly changing crypto space.

We are already enthusiastically developing support for additional blockchains, notably the FLOW blockchain due to be launched on our platform in Q1, 2022. Other intended PoS blockchain integrations will include NEAR, MINA, CASPER, POLKADOT and COSMOS. We also plan to add the king and queen of cryptocurrencies, BITCOIN and ETHEREUM.

Due to the different nature and tech stack of the blockchain ecosystems, it is not possible to integrate all those networks into our platform at once. Our goal is to enable our users to manage a dozen PoS cryptocurrencies by the end of 2022.

In the coming months, for added convenience, FIAT onramp functionality will be implemented, allowing users to easily convert 30+ government-issued FIAT currencies into cryptocurrencies, simply via credit card or bank transfer. There will be no need to purchase through an external Centralized Exchange (CEX) e.g. Binance, Coinbase or Kraken — you will be able to do it in the NuFi app.

Additionally, NuFi will be integrating a decentralized exchange for each supported blockchain in order to offer the ability to swap a variety of cryptocurrencies in a trustless, decentralized, privacy-preserving manner. The main advantages are security and sovereignty, all in a user-friendly environment.

With the rapid emergence of NFTs, widespread adoption has signaled the need for a secure place to store your rare digital items and crypto collectibles. NuFi will feature a gateway to a digital NFT marketplace to buy and sell these digital assets for all supported blockchains.

We are committed to reevaluating our roadmap based on the needs of our users. Further possible features include integration of decentralized lending and borrowing protocols (plus other interesting DeFi projects), custom wallet addresses (making it easier to send and receive crypto), and our own token to boost the platform ecosystem.

Currently, NuFi is web-based and we are exploring options such as a desktop app, browser extension or mobile app.

How to migrate your wallet to NuFi

NuFi allows you to create a completely new wallet by generating a 15-word seed phrase, and makes it easy to import your existing wallets and manage them side by side. After you’ve created a NuFi profile, you can connect your hardware wallet or import accounts from any popular Cardano (AdaLite, Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami…) or Solana (Phantom, Solflare, Sollet…) wallet using a 12, 15 or 24-word seed phrase.

Read a step-by-step guide to migrating accounts in our knowledge base.

AdaLite Background

In early 2018, the official Daedalus full-node wallet was the only option to store Cardano in a non-custodial way. The user experience was very cumbersome and users preferred to store Cardano on exchanges. We set out to improve the experience for Cardano holders by taking inspiration from the MyEtherWallet project. Our goal was to develop a solution that could be easily accessed with a web-browser providing high security with a minimum of 3rd-party dependencies. AdaLite — Cardano’s first non-custodial light wallet — was born..

Along the way, we partnered with Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets to create the Cardano app for these devices. This development allowed ADA holders to secure their crypto with hardware for the first time — a game changer for the entire Cardano ecosystem, and one that established the AdaLite team as important industry leaders. Today, AdaLite is highly trusted with over 50,000 active users each month and over 30,000 delegators to our Cardano validator nodes.

The AdaLite project is not shutting down. NuFi is an upgrade to what AdaLite was doing but the team is committed to continuing to support and maintain AdaLite as it still plays an important role in the Cardano ecosystem.

Connect with Us

The coming year will be transformational!

Alongside new blockchains and new services, we expect rapid community growth as NuFi unites crypto holders from different ecosystems. Our Discord server is where these diverse interests meet, and a great place to discuss, socialize, learn, get help and give feedback. We will announce new features (plus competitions, questions to users and more) on Twitter and Reddit.

Lastly, the NuFi team is incredibly grateful to the beta testers who helped create the platform we are proudly launching this week. We are blessed to have such loyal supporters.

Many thanks,

The NuFi Team

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A non-custodial crypto wealth management platform for PoS blockchains and digital assets @cardano @solana

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A non-custodial crypto wealth management platform for PoS blockchains and digital assets @cardano @solana

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