Connect to NFT marketplaces, DEXes and other dApps with NuFi wallet’s new Chrome extension

With a Chrome extension to connect to dApps, an impressive range of in-app features, and hardware wallet compatibility, it’s easy to see why NuFi is quickly becoming a leading self-custody wallet for Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

How does it work?

NuFi’s Chrome extension acts as a bridge between a dApp (like an NFT marketplace, a DEX, or a blockchain game) and a user’s NuFi wallet. While the extension’s dApp connector handles complex processes behind the scenes, the user enjoys a fully frictionless experience: one click to connect, and one click to buy or sell an NFT, swap tokens, or do any of the exciting things made possible by decentralized applications.

How do I use NuFi’s Chrome extension?

To use NuFi’s Chrome extension, first download it from the Chrome web store here. When it’s installed, you’ll find it listed among your Extensions, which you can see by clicking the small puzzle icon to the right of the address bar in Chrome browser.

  1. Log in to your wallet at
  2. Navigate to the Settings screen and ‘Export profile’ — this will download a backup file of your wallet
  3. Open the NuFi Chrome extension and choose ‘Restore Wallet’
  4. Upload the backup file.

Connect with us!

Join our Discord to be updated on features over the coming months. It also gives our users the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas in real time. Follow us on Twitter and Reddit for upcoming announcements.

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NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

NuFi | Self-custody Cardano, Solana & Flow wallet

A self-custody crypto wallet supporting Cardano, Solana and Flow blockchains. Store, stake, trade and connect to dApps like NFT marketplaces, DEXes and more.