5 Upgrades to NuFi’s Solana Web3 wallet

3 min readOct 29, 2022


As NuFi wallet nears its first birthday — 🎂🥳 — we celebrate by sharing this year’s biggest upgrades to our Web3 Solana wallet.

5) We got Web3 Dapp-compatible (and integrated everywhere).

In July, NuFi became Solana’s newest Web3 Dapp-ready wallet when we added a Solana Dapp connector to our browser extension.

Did you know?
NuFi’s ‘
Phantom Wallet Emulation Mode’ makes it possible to use NuFi with Solana Dapps that support Phantom wallet, so you can:

✅ buy and sell NFTs (on a marketplace like SolSea or MagicEden),
✅ trade tokens (on a DEX like SolDex or Raydium),
✅ farm and earn through DeFi (with protocols like Solend or Tulip) and
✅ explore digital worlds (like Solice).

🧩 Install NuFi and explore Solana Dapps >

‘Phantom Wallet Emulation Mode’ means you can use NuFi with almost any Solana Dapp

View the top Solana Dapps here and connect using NuFi + Phantom Wallet Emulation Mode.

4) We built a home for your Solana NFTs.

In May, we built an NFT gallery for Solana (and Flow and Cardano) NFTs with some nice touches: NFTs from different accounts side by side, bulk send functionality, NFT traits and detailed metadata, and more.

Manage Solana, Cardano and Flow NFTs side by side in NuFi’s multi-chain NFT Gallery

Did you know?
Ledger hardware wallet users can also manage their Solana NFTs through NuFi; pair your Ledger in under 30 seconds and your NFTs will appear in the NFT gallery :)

🧩 Install NuFi and connect your Ledger >

3) We gave the UX and UI a makeover.

This year, we’ve listened carefully to user feedback and added many requested features:

Show portfolio value in more fiat currencies (now 25+ supported),
Export transaction/staking rewards history to CSV (with date select),
Multi-asset sending, Import custom tokens, Privacy mode (to hide balances), Cloud sync (for easy install on a new device) and more.

There’s a lot more coming soon: see the roadmap here.

We’re incredibly grateful to you, our users, and the Solana community at large for the support you’ve shown us this year 🙏

2) We added buy, sell, and trade functionality.

Cross-chain crypto trading via NuFi’s integrated exchange (in partnership with Changelly)

In March, we partnered with Changelly to build a cross-chain exchange in the NuFi wallet.

Did you know?
You can trade the SOL in your wallet for hundreds of other crypto coins and tokens, and trade crypto in external wallets for SOL then have it deposited in NuFi (much like a bridge).

Soon after In June, we partnered with Moonpay to enable card purchases for SOL (and hundreds of other popular coins/tokens) with direct deposit into your NuFi wallet. Moonpay lets you sell crypto too and deposits the cash straight into your bank.

1) We kept you safe (unlike other wallets we know, cough cough).

This year’s collapsing coins, bridge hacks and wallet thefts proved again that security matters most.

Here’s our take: get a hardware wallet. It’s near-impossible for a hacker to steal funds from a Ledger Nano.

If you don’t use a hardware wallet, you’re still safe with NuFi. All sensitive data stays encrypted on your computer and isn’t accessible to anyone but you. If you need, you can delete your wallet at any time (from wallet Settings or by clearing the browser cache) and restore it later using your recovery phrase.

For maximum protection, store your Solana in a Ledger hardware wallet and manage it via NuFi

Already using a Solana wallet?

Import your existing wallet and take NuFi for a test drive. Install NuFi, then restore your existing wallet using its seed phrase or by pairing your Ledger hardware wallet. Contact our support team here if you need any help.

Many thanks,
The NuFi Team 🙏




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